Are Golf Carts Street Legal in Henderson NV?

It is illegal to operate a golf cart on any street or right of way in Henderson NV, except in the places designated by the schedule and except when a public road is crossed through a marked and marked crossing authorized by the city's traffic engineer. In some cases, it is permissible to drive a golf cart on the streets of Nevada, provided that it has been approved by the local government. In counties with a population of 700,000 or more, it is necessary to obtain a permit and insurance to operate legally in most cases. The county must consider them suitable for golf carts and give them a special designation. In Sun City Anthem, many people want the convenience of driving their carts from their homes to the golf course.

However, if you are going to operate the golf cart on a public road (if you live in a designated area that allows golf carts to be operated), there are requirements that must be met. Laws allow golf carts to be operated on some residential roads, but permit requirements may apply. To be exempt from permit requirements, you must operate at a road crossing for golf carts or on an access route to a golf course. If you are injured by a golf cart or a low-speed vehicle, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you're the victim of a golf cart accident, you can recover medical bills, lost work, transportation to doctor appointments, pain and suffering, and more.

The operation of golf carts on a public road will be considered a motor vehicle on a public road and will be treated accordingly. The campaign to legalize golf carts is part of a community spirit that goes beyond groundwater. Some of the older women have a harder time attending their social events since they were banned from the streets. A man in the group said that his wife had bought a golf cart for a neighbor who couldn't drive because gasoline fumes aggravated his lung cancer. Whether the golf cart accident occurred on public or private property, the person whose actions caused the accident may be financially responsible for the resulting damages. We offer professional and aggressive representation for accident victims, including victims of golf cart accidents.

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