Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip to South Bass Island and looking for the best Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals? Put-in-Bay Golf Carts offers the island the largest and newest golf cart rentals, including the EZ-GO, Yamaha & Club Car golf carts with capacity for 2-4-6 & 8 passengers. If you've planned your trip to South Bass Island, it's time for you to book your LA Rams Custom Golf Cart Seat Cover rental with us. The Put-in-Bay golf cart depot is just a 5-minute walk from the Jet Express ferry pier in the city center and should be your first stop once you arrive on the island. Golf cart rentals are ideal for South Bass Island roads. You can set your own pace for traveling on these paved, flat roads. They offer Executive Electric Street Legal strollers for 4 and 6 passengers and standard cars for 6 passengers.

However, what makes them unique is that they also offer personalized golf carts for people looking for a little more style and swagger. We, the golf cart rental agency, have one of the largest and most modern fleets of golf carts on the island. Book a cart before your arrival, pick up the cart from rental services and go wherever you want. You're probably wondering where you can find the best Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals. Well, look no further, below we have created a list of our favorite companies.

Put in Bay golf carts are considered licensed motor vehicles on the island and the same traffic laws apply to golf carts as to cars. Some of Put-in-Bay Hotels' 26 resorts offer special offers, including renting a golf cart with your Sunday through Thursday stay. It's very common for all the golf carts on the island to be rented, especially on busy weekends. Renting your golf cart is a perfect way to get around the island and the most affordable way to get to all the attractions at your leisure. Come and see the friendly staff at Bron's Beach Carts & Backyard to rent beach carts, shaved ice and to go.

Whether you're a local or a tourist, everyone seems to agree that golf carts are the best way to get around the island. We have new fleets of cars. How many miles can your electric car travel on a single charge? How long does it take to charge an electric car? Charging takes approximately 3 to 4 hours when the battery is fully discharged. How can I charge my legal LSV golf cart on the street? How do I secure my reservation for a rental? What do I need to consider when renting a stroller? Yes. However, you will be charged for a full additional day. If you're looking for discounts on group rentals of golf carts, we offer special rates depending on how many days you plan to rent.

Contact us directly for more information about our group rates.

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