What Payment Options Are Available for Golf Cart Rentals?

Vacation reservations require a minimum three-day rental and will be paid in full. Deposit refunds require 24 hours notice, 72 hours for holidays. Payment will be made by credit card only. We accept all major credit cards and offer the option to customize a seat cover for your golf cart.The lessee will use the rented legal golf cart for personal use only, and will operate it only on public and properly maintained roads and parking lots.

The lessee will comply with all applicable laws in relation to the possession of a license to operate the vehicle and with respect to the operation of motor vehicles. The lessee will not sublet the legal golf cart on the street or use it as a rental vehicle. VEHICLES ARE PROHIBITED ON ROADS WITH SET SPEED LIMITS GREATER THAN 55 KM/H. The renter and authorized drivers will not take the vehicle to Emerald Coast Parkway (Business 9) under any circumstances (or to its sidewalks), except to cross the highway at a traffic light heading north or south.

To ensure a pleasant experience, it is important to find a reliable company with high-quality golf carts. The lessee will have the opportunity to examine the rental vehicle before taking possession of it and, after such inspection, will inform Beach Better Golf Cart Rentals of any questions in a separate document. If you don't, you're not approved to drive the golf cart and should only enjoy the cart as a passenger. If the cost of repairing or replacing damage to the golf cart allowed on the street exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the Renter will be responsible for paying the owner the balance of this cost to the landlord.

Beach Better Golf Cart Rentals declares and guarantees that, to the best of its knowledge, the rental vehicle is in good condition and is safe for the normal operation of the vehicle. All rented golf carts (with the exception of the Workhorse cart) have an awning to protect them from the sun or rain. UNAUTHORIZED DRIVERS: This vehicle cannot be driven by any person other than the renter who has an approved rental agreement registered with Beach Better Golf Cart Rentals. All drivers must present proof of insurance to Beach Better Golf Cart Rentals that covers damage to the Street Legal rental vehicle at the time of signing this LSV rental agreement, as well as when the LSV is in their possession.

Beach Better Golf Cart Rentals (owner) undertakes to rent to the lessee a legal golf cart on the streets with a passenger vehicle (low-speed vehicle) (hereinafter referred to as “rental vehicle”). Whether you're starting to lose your years or just want to avoid the stress of moving long distances, these golf carts in Clearwater Beach are very useful. Before driving, confirm that your personal auto insurance policy covers the rental of low-speed vehicles, including legal golf carts on the road. Consult your booking confirmation to review the specific size (4 or 6 seats) and type (gasoline or electric) of the rental vehicle that will be assigned to you at the start of your rental period.

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