Do You Have Special Packages for Golf Cart Rentals?

At Cart Mart, we have a rental fleet of more than 600 vehicles that can accommodate a variety of needs. Whether you're looking for a single-day event or a monthly or Super rental, we have you covered. You can easily book online and secure your golf cart in advance, including covers for golf cart seats. Plus, you'll find plenty of taxis from Put-in-Bay that can take you to pick up your rental. When you rent a golf cart, you'll receive a map that will help you plan out your day.

If you're renting a house in Put-in-Bay, make sure to bring your own sheets, towels, and bed linen as some rentals don't provide them. Put-in-Bay Golf Carts is conveniently located in the city center, just a short walk from the ferry and near Lesters Taco Shop. The Edgewater Hotel also offers a Schools Out special that includes an upgraded room and free Put-in-Bay golf cart rental. When it comes to the rules of golf carts, they are the same as those for cars on the mainland.

No, golf carts must have the exclusive use title of the island and be inspected by the local Police Department. 26% show license plates for Ottawa County. These golf carts are equipped with headlights, taillights, seat belts and are legal on the street. You can book golf carts and limousine carts at the time of booking (recommended) or upon check-in (if available).

Put-in-Bay Golf Carts offers nightly, daily and hourly rentals at their locations. All of our cars run on gasoline as electric cars tend to start slowly and get slower as the day goes on. Our golf carts are located on the other side of the park, in front of the public docks & marinas and serve all public and private marinas.

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