Can I Drive a Golf Cart on the Road in Nevada?

You Generally, you don't need a license to purchase a golf cart in Nevada. However, if you plan to drive the golf cart on public roads, you must obtain a permit. There are some exceptions to this requirement if you have a valid motor vehicle license. Once your golf cart is upgraded to a low-speed vehicle, there are several obstacles to driving it.

Although some of these upgrades are similar to those of a low-speed car, a golf cart of this level won't have the speed necessary to qualify. Read on to learn the difference between golf carts and low-speed vehicles in Nevada and some safety tips. It is the responsibility of the golf cart owner to know which roads are designated as permissible for the operation of golf carts. If you are injured by a golf cart or low-speed vehicle, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

If you own a golf cart, it is your responsibility to know which roads are designated as permissible for the operation of golf carts. Before reading these rules, be sure to also check the federal regulations that restrict the nature and use of low-speed vehicles and golf carts. Golf carts that require permits must be inspected at a DMV VIN inspection station (at DMV offices) before they can be registered for the first time. If you are injured in an accident involving a golf cart, you should seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Access route between a golf course and the residence or temporary residence of the owner or operator of the golf cart. That's because Nevada mostly allows cities to decide where and when they want golf carts to drive on their roads. If you want to ride a golf cart on Nevada roads, you should check with local authorities before assuming that it's okay.

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