What Do You Need to Make a Golf Cart Street Legal in Florida?

Golf cart operators in Florida are not required to have a driver's license, but they must be 14 years of age or older to legally drive on public roads with an LSV. Arizona is a popular destination for retirees due to its mild climate, favorable cost of living and abundance of golf courses. To make a golf cart street legal in Florida, it must be converted into an LSV and meet certain criteria. This includes having minimal liability insurance, DOT lights and reflectors, and complying with traffic rules.

Kentucky, North Carolina and New York have the most restrictive laws regarding golf carts on the street. Golf carts and LSVs can both be driven in residential neighborhoods, but golf carts must avoid roads. However, they can cross a road if it divides a subdivision, caravan park or golf course. Some municipalities allow owners to operate their golf carts at night as long as they have headlights and other safety equipment.

Installing golf cart lights is one of the key components to making a golf cart legal on the street. To make a golf cart street legal in Florida, you must convert it into an LSV by altering its ability to travel at more than 20 miles per hour. The golf cart must also be insured with minimal liability insurance and have all the mandatory DOT lights and reflectors. When driving a golf cart in Florida, you must still comply with traffic rules such as yielding the right of way.

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