How to Maximize the Life of Your Golf Cart Battery

Golf carts are a great way to get around, but they require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. One of the most important aspects of golf cart maintenance is making sure that the batteries are properly charged and stored. Even so, golf cart batteries must be recharged after four hours of use. It takes several hours to recharge the batteries of golf carts that have been completely exhausted.

To extend the life of your batteries, ensure that they are fully charged before each use. It depends on the condition of the batteries, but it can be assumed that the discharge rate is around 2% per day. By following that guideline, you can probably leave your stroller unplugged for 42 days or 6 weeks without damaging the batteries. First make sure that they are fully charged and that the electrolyte levels cover the cells of each battery before leaving them for so long.

Another common problem is golf cart owners, who think that golf cart batteries should only be charged when they are heavily exhausted. If you drive your golf cart that day? Charge the battery. Letting golf cart batteries run out until they're almost empty or completely dead will damage them over time as much as overcharging them. On this page, how long does it take for a golf cart battery to charge? How long will a fully charged cart last? How much does an electric golf cart battery cost? Get the most out of your golf cart battery Use our free service and find golf cart dealers near you. After all, replacing a golf cart battery is an expensive investment, so you have to look at all the facts before making a decision.

Just keep a close eye on the distance traveled and consider using a truck or trailer when transporting your golf cart longer distances. If you're trying to answer the question “Do I have to leave my golf cart plugged in all the time?” , then it makes sense to consult the experts. Whether you use your cart daily or set it aside for extended storage, you should store it in a golf cart charger when not in use. Golf cart batteries are powerful deep-cycle cells designed to supply a constant amount of energy or to be deeply discharged. An electric golf cart uses a special automatic charger that the manufacturer designed for one purpose: to keep the battery charged where it should be. An electric golf cart can remain uncharged for months if the battery is at approximately 50% and is not exposed to temperatures above 100°F during storage time.

Forcing your golf cart to climb very steep hills or travel longer distances than it's designed to will drain your battery and could leave you stuck. In the case of a golf cart that runs on gas, you may have to start the car to get it working again if this happens. Experts advise that it is essential that golf cart batteries undergo a charge-discharge cycle for greater durability. Here are some essential battery maintenance tips that will guide you when storing electric golf carts for an extended period:

  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged before each use.
  • Avoid running your golf cart until it's completely drained.
  • Store your electric golf carts in a charger when not in use.
  • Keep an eye on how far you travel with your golf cart.
  • Consider using a truck or trailer when transporting your golf cart longer distances.
By following these simple tips, you can maximize the life of your golf cart battery. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your electric golf carts will last for years to come.

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