How Many Passengers Can a Golf Cart Rental Accommodate?

Are you looking to rent a golf cart for your next vacation? If so, you'll need to know the maximum number of passengers allowed in the cart. Here's what you need to know about Best Golf Cart Rentals near me and the rules that come with them. Golf carts are available for rent in both 4-passenger and 6-passenger models. If you're staying at the Greenbrier Campground, you can rent a golf cart from us or use your own. There are designated parking spots with beach access at 9th Ocean Blvd, 25th Avenue, 28th Avenue, and 31st Avenue.

Resort management reserves the right to revoke your rental privileges if any of the golf cart rules are violated. The maximum number of passengers allowed in a golf cart is 4-6 people, depending on the size of the cart. All passengers must wear a seatbelt and remain seated while in the cart. Alcoholic beverages, open or closed, are not allowed in golf carts.

People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed to ride any golf cart. There are designated golf cart trails that run parallel to Palm Blvd for easy access to shopping centers and Ocean Blvd (check out the rental map for more information). You can also find designated parking spots for golf carts at the IOP Marina and on the corner of Ocean Blvd and JC Long Blvd. Anyone who breaks the golf cart rules will have their rental privileges revoked and their cart will be impounded immediately.

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